Train Your Dog Like a Pro

Author:  Jean Donaldson

Jean Donaldson became a professional dog trainer in 1986 and was Director of the San Francisco SPCA for twenty years. She founded The Academy for Dog Trainers at the San Fran SPCA to share her knowledge and methods gained over so many years of training, with the greater goal of improving public education about dog behaviour and to prevent relinquishing of dogs to shelters for behaviour reasons.  At this time in 1999, there were no other comprehensive education programs for dog trainers.  Prior to her work in San Francisco, Donaldson graduated from McGill University and began her career in canine work by founding the first positive reinforcement school in Montreal. 

Donaldson uses very precise, counted repetition programs to teach dogs new skills.  Train Your Dog Like a Pro methodically breaks down the steps so that even the most unmotivated guardian can develop some communication with their furry best friend.  The book also includes a DVD in case you’re too lazy to read the book.  With resources like this available, there is simply no reason any one should have an untrained dog.