Tail Blazers

8307 Fairmount Drive SE

Tail Blazers was conceived as a source of holistic, healthy pet choices in Calgary in 2000 and is now franchised across Alberta, BC and Ontario.  They carry high-quality foods, treats, and supplements for dogs and cats with a smattering of quality toys and gear thrown in.  There are eight locations in Calgary to choose from.  The Copperfield store has limited variety and several visits have proved that staff are unwilling to accept that an ultra-high protein, grain-free diet might not be ideal for every dog. 

The Acadia location is outstanding.  Leslie, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable about healthy products and embraces the idea that dogs come in all shapes, sizes and health conditions, and that appropriate diets are dog-specific.  Leslie’s service is above and beyond all my expectations:  she’s happily ordered kibble for me that the store doesn’t usually stock and contacted suppliers for more information about products.  I’ve witnessed her pulling a product from the shelf when it did not meet her quality standards.  Tail Blazers is the only vendor I’ve found that sells eggshell calcium.  This is a five-star pet shop.