Musher’s Secret

Musher’s Secret is a waxy balm applied to paws to prevent snow and ice from balling up in between pads. It’s pretty effective and Jay tolerates the balm much more readily than boots.  I like the product because it also offers a layer of protection from burning salt and ice melt on sidewalks, and I use it year-round to keep pad skin supple, which is important to prevent painful torn pads.  The moisturizing properties are superior to other paw balms I’ve tried, and unlike some flavoured versions, Jay doesn’t lick it off.  Musher’s Secret is available at most pet shops listed on this site.

Tip:  Fluffy paws like Jay’s can be trimmed (carefully, with sharp small scissors) to further prevent winter snowballs from forming.  Taking excess long hair from the bottom of feet also gives better grip on ice (and hardwood floors), helping to prevent injury.

Tip 2: If you prefer to control the chemicals used on your pooch, or just like to DIY, Humblebee & Me posts two terrific balm recipes here: