Bowmont Park

85th Street NW & 48th Avenue NW

Bowmont is large park, comprising 164 hectares cradling the Bow River from 85th Street east to Home Road.  The park is multi-use, housing picnic tables, playgrounds, baseball and soccer fields.  Off-leash portions are scattered discontinuously throughout the park, with one dog access point to the river.  This access is to deep, fast-moving water, so canine swimmers should be strong.  There are however small storm water pools in an off-leash area on the west side of the park where less robust water lovers can have a splash.  A small fenced off-leash area is provided on the west border of the park.  The park can be explored on paved pathways (on-leash), gravel pathways (mixed on and off-leash areas) and bountiful wooded hiking trails.  Bridge aficionados can gaze three truss bridges for trains, a beam bridge and a pedestrian suspension bridge.  Waste bins are sprinkled along paved pathways, and Bowmont is hosting a pilot program dispensing waste bags in three locations in the park.  As of autumn 2015, a Bowmont Park Management Plan Improvement Project is being reviewed by the City in concert with park users and community members to protect areas of high environmental significance that proposes changes to borders of on and off-leash areas.  A small parking lot is accessible from 85th Street.

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