Benjamin Moore opt.jpg

Benjamin Moore Paint

10204 Macleod Trail

Benjamin Moore and Farrow and Ball are the only paints I use.  Sure, they cost a little more than hardware store brands (well, okay, F & B costs a LOT more), but I think the increase in quality is worth it.  BM glides on like a dream with none of the patchiness and watery finish prevalent in lesser paints.  If I consider that to achieve the same depth and richness of colour with other brands takes 4-5 coats, the cost disparity fades.  

BM has three locations in the city; the Macleod Trail store is AWESOME!  Not only are they accepting of big hairy Jay, they are generous with ear rubs and on a recent hot day, they even spontaneously offered not just one but TWO glasses of water, AND they were not at all miffed at having to mop up the floor when he slopped half of that water in a wide circle.  Um, they're great with paint too  :-)