First Aid Kits

I am lovin’ these first aid kits!  The larger one remains compact at 7” x 8”, and is fitted with a belt loop for attaching to your waist or backpack on mountain treks.  The mini size comes with a carabiner for attaching to a leash or Houndbag for urban walks or when you’re not far from a full kit.  Vibrant orange with reflective piping, these kits will be easy to find when you need them.  All supplies can be used for humans, so these kits serve double duty.  Most importantly, pocket reference guides are included so you can be reminded how to make those crazy circle bandages and what respiration rates should be.  Full-sized kits are also available from the same manufacturer.

These kits are manufactured by RC Pet Products and are available through Paws First Aid:

Paws also offers first aid and CPR certification courses for pet parents.

The mini and compact sizes are available at Tail Blazers Acadia.  (