Anderson Road & 14th Street SW

It was a soggy spring day and most of the city’s parks were a muddy quagmire from melted snow.  Hoping for a drier area, we decided to give Southwood a try, as both sides of the park slope down.  It was indeed drier than any other area we’d walked.

Southwood is a narrow strip paralleling 14th Street, bookended by two triangles at Southland and Anderson respectively.  The strip is mercifully tucked behind a sound attenuation wall.  If a dog can hear the body vibrations of a termite inside a house wall, I shudder to think what kind of ear damage might be possible from traffic noise that is disturbing to humans, with ears not nearly as sensitive.  The south triangle is fenced on both sides, though gates are open so the area is not fully enclosed.  A pedestrian/cycle path bisects the off leash area.  Waste bins and benches are provided.  A pedestrian overpass connects the Southwood off leash area with the Cedarbrae off leash section on the west side of 14th Avenue. 

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