Break-Away Collar

I had heard about accidental strangulation deaths in dogs and was mildly concerned about the hazard for my own pooch, as he is young and active and loves to wrestle with other dogs.  My guy also harbours some equipment-shyness that can not yet be counter-conditioned, due to his anxiety disorder.  Since he frequents daycares, which often remove collars during play sessions, a break-away collar seemed to solve both problems, as a break-away collar does not need to be removed, eliminating the need for daycare staff to release and collar him, and the resultant lengthy, detailed behaviour protocol that I would have to ask care-givers to carefully follow for the process.  Extensive searching was not able to source any type of break-away collar in the city, so I ended up ordering directly from KeepSafe. 

I am relieved that I went to the trouble.  The collar works perfectly to keep him safe;  it releases reliably when too much pressure is put on the device.  It’s a high-quality nylon ribbon with a quick-release latch and strong D-rings for leash attachment.  The collar does not show any signs of fraying or degradation after two years of daily wearing by a rambunctious, hard-playing fella.  I highly recommend the product.

Update autumn 2016:  I attended a course with five devoted, loving pet parents, one pet professional and one instructor.  In that classroom of 7 random people, 3 had tragically lost dogs in collar accidents.  That's 43%! Strangulations don't just happen in far-away places;  they've happened in our own backyard at quite a frightening rate!