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University District

4410 University Avenue NW 

University District is a brand new dog park opened in July 2018.  The area is under development with nothing yet but the park in place.  A community that builds the dog park before anything else is alright in my view!  The park is properly double-gated at the entrance and offers separate areas for small and big dogs.  One waste bin is provided, as are poop bags, which is a bonus.  A mulched area with trees and shrubs is lovely, as is the provision of plenty of benches.  The best thing about this park is artificial turf, which, as a parent to a dog who suffers with a grass allergy, is a true blessing.  I'd love  to spend an hour strolling with pooch free of apprehension about having to medicate him for allergies after an outdoor adventure, but unfortunately the park is so small that the entire perimeter can be walked in under two minutes.   Fencing is attractive but low.  Husky parents beware:  the fence will be but a speed bump as she sails over it in a single bound.  All in all, University District is a welcome addition, as pooch parks in the NW are not as plentiful as other quadrants of the city.  

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