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Douxo Calm Shampoo

This is the best shampoo I’ve found for a dog with environmental allergies. Jay is allergic to some things that are impossible to avoid - like grass, trees and pollen. I’ve found that keeping him clean and washing away some of his irritants reduces symptoms. Jay is bathed every three weeks, so a mild shampoo that will not dry out his skin is a must. Most products sold in pet stores targeted for sensitive skin contain oatmeal, which he is also allergic to, so those are not an option for him. No over the counter product has been able to match the performance of Douxo.

Douxo Calm is a shampoo specifically formulated for allergies. It definitely helps reduce itching and redness in J. It leaves his coat clean and soft with no sticky residue. The scent is mild and pleasant. At $20 per bottle, it costs twice as much as any pet store shampoo, but it’s twice as nice and it actually works, while most over the counter products have zero effect on his skin condition and are too smelly. The shampoo makes his coat so lovely that I’d probably use this soap even if he didn’t have allergies. This product can be purchased only in veterinary offices.

For further information on the product:  https://www.douxo.com/us/douxo-solutions/douxo-calm/Shampoo