26 Street SE

Southview is a decent off leash area for dogs.  It's a narrow, natively-vegetated swath of cliff-top paths, combined with a steep grade and bordered with an overflow canal.  Access to the canal is possible, but there are only two 'beach' areas;  the remaining access is via steep banks.  When full of rain and snow melt, the canal is not a place for casual splashers;  swimmers should be strong and able to navigate the canal banks.  Wheel-chasers should be warned that a busy cycle path parallels the cliff top paths.  Waste bins are provided along the cycle path.  Three good parking lots are available.  Access to this area is easy via 17th Avenue SE or Peigan Trail.  Views of the Bow River and downtown skyscrapers are lovely for humans.  Noise level is high due to proximity to Deerfoot Trail.

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