7019 Ogden Road SE

If you’re growing weary of seeing the same products over and over again in pet shops, give Dexter’s a try.  They stock a big range of brands I’ve not seen in any other stores, in everything from gear like harnesses and collars to treats and supplements.  I spotted mini marrow bones in the freezer, perfect for small dogs, which I imagine are hard to find.  We picked up some freeze-dried chicken hearts, a bodacious treat to be used in training for high-value behaviours.  It’s the type of treat I would normally need to prepare at home;  what a delight to discover it ready-made!

Dexter’s is a nexus for Canadian products.  The owner is a pleasant bloke with in-depth brand knowledge and talent in identifying a product to match your pup’s needs.  A customer loyalty program is offered that rebates on total purchase value, not just brand-specific purchases. 

Tip:  Mention Calgary Canine at checkout to net a 10% discount on your first visit!