Feed Your Best Friend Better

Author: Rick Woodford

Human nutrition advice is confounding.  Butter or margarine?  To carb or not?  Wading through the canals of canine nutrition is ten times more challenging, as dog diet does not have equal history nor clinical studies.  Feed Your Best Friend Better is a great starting point for anyone interested in learning to feed more healthfully but not interested in amassing information equivalent to a registered dietician.  It’s an easy-to-understand book of basic nutrition information packed with fantastic recipes for treats and meals, with special recipes included for dogs battling specific conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Even if you can’t fathom cooking for your dog, the information offered to help select commercial foods is valuable for any guardian.  It’s a worthwhile read.

Note:  There is not much offered for proponents of raw food diets in this book.  Most cookies are made with either rye, oat or rice flour, so can be considered gluten-free, though not grain-free.  Meal recipes include carbohydrates like potatoes, rice or barley.