The Farmer’s House

2138 33 Avenue SW

The Farmer’s House Restaurant proclaims to be dog-friendly.  There are hitching posts to tie your dog to while you dine.  I actually don’t recommend using this option, as the posts are attached to a fence which obscures a view of your pooch while you feast, and the fence abuts a public sidewalk in pedestrian-dense Marda Loop.  What if your dog snaps at the toddler who tugs her tail when passing by?  What if someone steals your dog?  You won’t know, because your dog is out of sight and reach.  A second option is storing your dog in an odd, dry moat that surrounds the outdoor patio, which may be a workable solution for larger dogs.

With more than a few negative experiences under our belt in testing out a professed ‘dog-friendly’ establishment, I am now vigilant about pre-screening and researching prior to visiting.  I scoped out the physical environment and reviewed the dog policy with a staff member weeks in advance.  I telephoned the restaurant the day prior to our planned visit to re-review the dog policy, to confirm operation hours as it was a holiday weekend, and to ensure that the patio would be open, even though the weather was forecast as iffy.  I was assured that we could be sat at an outdoor table.  We re-arranged scheduling with our lunch companion to accommodate the restaurant’s modified holiday hours.  With anticipation, we climbed in the car and drove clear across the city, excited to experience a new location and menu.   

When we arrived, the server informed us that “she was the only one on the floor, and she wouldn’t be serving any patio tables”.  Despite careful precautions, we were left disappointed and hungry, because you can’t just hop to the next eatery when you have a dog in tow.  I am thus unable to comment on the suitability of the environment for dogs or on the dining experience.  I might be so annoyed that I won’t return for a second attempt.  The menu did look appetizing;  try it at your own risk. 

 Hitching Posts

Hitching Posts

More on the risks of tying up a dog can be found here: