Rocky Mountain Tails

Pet Shop & Spa

5255 Richmond Road SW

I love the way this shop is merchandised.  Aisles are wide, so Jay’s tail doesn’t knock items from shelves, and displays revel in a generous amount of space, allowing each product plenty of visibility that just beckons a shopper to investigate further. Quality brands of dry and wet foods are available for cats, dogs and small critters.  The shop seems to have a particular interest in bunnies.  A terrific array of carefully-selected treats is on tap.  I had previously searched high and low for appropriate pill caddies for Jay, eventually only finding suitable containers online.  I wish I had visited Rocky Mountain Tails earlier, as they stock 3 versions of pet pill caddies that would have worked well, at fraction of the cost.  Service is warm and gracious.  The shop offers grooming services.

For safety reasons, whenever anyone is cooking in the kitchen, Jay is relegated to a mat out of harm’s way.  We picked up this fun Jellybean mat, a perfect size at 21” x 33”, in a turquoise that matches the room’s accents, that is fully washable, as an ideal new kitchen perch. 

Update 2017:  I am very sad that this store has closed :-(

Jellybean mat

Jellybean mat